Not Me!!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

This week, I most definitely did not threaten Mr. Superman and proceed to give him double titty-twisters until he spilled his guts on where he had hidden my last few cream sodas. I most definitely did not go all Middle-Eastern Torturer on his butt when he refused to tell me. Now Mr. Superman hasn't gone through Intimidation and Interrogation training but that man has skills. At the thought of losing his nipples, he never caved. I certainly did not give up after a short 30 seconds upon realization that my man had me beat. That is something a weak and unstable woman with crazy addiction and cravings for cream soda would do, not me.

National security crisis averted. I found my cream soda.

What did you not do?


JG said...

Hahaha! Awesome.

I did *not* leave the dishes in the sink since Friday night when SoldierMan got home...and they are *not* still there....

Nikkie said...

haha this cracked me up.

I definitely did not sit down yesterday and scrapbook for four hours meanwhile my bedroom, bathroom and the rest of the house is a compelete disaster.

oops :)


SpitFire said...

That was hilarious!!!! I've never seen that meme. Very cute...you and your cream sodas lol. Okay let's see I most certainly did not ignore my blog while I was sick..I'm far too hardcore for that...and I don't know who managed to not get any books read this week, but it wasn't me. :)

KelseyC said...

Your hubby is tough haha! And I most definitely did NOT eat an ice cream sandwich for dinner. Not me!

Sherry C said...

Your so cute..at first I thought Mr Superman was a five year old but after reading your page finished loading I realized it's your hubby. Great blog.