Day 27 & Day 28

Day 27: My Month in Great Detail

Instead of going on and on about how utterly ridiculous this part of the 30 Day Meme is, I shall just proceed.

My month has consisted of finishing up my CNA course, kill me now clinicals, lots of new bloggy friends & followers, a ton of ridiculous pillow talk conversations with Mr. Superman, stress, tears, CREAM SODA, finding a job, starting said job, lots of cramps, getting put on hold when calling to make a bazillion doctor's appointment, CREAM SODA, dvr, dvd's, grocery shopping, cleaning, planning for the future, Skyping with family and friends, pain killers, bubble baths, CREAM SODA, heating pads, work wardrobe woes, amazing alliterations, and I musn't forget 30 day meme!

Day 28: My Year in Great Detail

My year thus far? A twelve month cycle from June to June? What the rest of my year will hold? I'm gonna go with the middle option.

Let's see June '09 to June '10...

Last June found Mr. Superman and I packing up our junk in Utah, going to Vegas for the very first time, and spending a few weeks in Arizona together with family and friends before Mr. Superman left for Air Force BMT for 9 1/2 weeks. He left Arizona the end of June to fly back to Utah which is where he had to fly out of since that is where he enlisted. I had a minor breakdown upon finding myself alone and apart from my love for the first time ever.

Last July I was on sort of bed rest in preparation for my "surgery" which was really three procedures done at once. Mr. Superman was still at BMT and we had had very little contact. I was trying to work out (against doctor's orders, to lose weight), spending every day with my BFF's Brighteyes and Davey, my sister A and her family, swimming, and missing my baby love. I was also back home living in my old bedroom and having my mommy to take care of me.

August found me on the operating table. I had my gall bladder removed, I had a lump removed and tested form my stomach (discovered to be non-cancerous), and my appendix removed. Ha! I recently found out he only took out a portion of my appendix. WTF?! August was also the month of preparation to go see Mr. Superman!! I was on bed rest for three weeks which made it incredibly difficult but I was so excited. I was sick to my stomach with nervousness, anxiety, excitement, awe, just so many different emotions! Brighteyes and I drove 18 something straight hours from Gilbert, AZ to San Antonio, TX. I was reunited with my loverface and it was INCREDIBLE. We all had so much fun together and we met all his buddies from his flight. The few days of reunion had to end and it found me in tears. I made a crazy on the whim decision to go to Wichita Falls, TX to spend some time with Mr. Superman while he was at Tech School.

September and October were hard. Mr. Superman excelled and was Top Grad. Incredible but not surprising. He is a GENIUS. September and October wore on us and things transpired that tore us up and nearly tore us apart. I returned to Arizona to be with my family.

November came and Mr. Superman returned. It was truly the perfect time. It was relief. It was safety returning. We went back to Utah to visit family and wrap up things there. We then drove back from Utah to Arizona, visited for two days then commenced our drive to Georgia. We stopped in Texas for a few hours of sleep and then continued on to our late and surprise anniversary weekend that Mr. Superman had planned, on the beach in Panama City Beach, FL. Other than those two stops, we drove straight through the 2,000 miles. INSANE. We got to Georgia, met Mr. Superman's sponsor, got billeting, met our landlord, signed our rental contract, and began life at our first duty station.

December found us still acclimating and spending the holidays apart from family, friends, and familiarity.

January was my birthday and a month of more surgery. Story of my life. My MIL came in to take care of me for the first week of my two week bed rest.

February (Mr. Superman's birthday month), March, April, May, and June have been spent making Georgia our home, getting to know more people around us, getting more involved with blogging and meeting incredible military spouses, prepping for TDY, finishing school, and like I said in my month post, getting back to work.

Geeze this topic was terrible. Happy Tuesday ya'll!


A Marine's Wife! said...

I am so over this 30 day meme. My answers are getting shorter and more boring lol

Kathryn said...

"You are going to be an incredible mama! No doubt about it."

Thank you! :)

haha love the cream soda comments! Sounds like a long month & year!!

Natalie said...

i love all the things you call mr. superman. you are too funny! that sounds like a very trying year!

Katie said...

Okay, I don't know why I keep forgetting to tell you, but I'm a CNA, too! I'm going to go back to school after Frank and I get married, and I can get a scholarship, for my LPN. Oh, and I also wanted to tell YOU that there will be a wedding in January!! EEeee!!

KelseyC said...

I have to agree, this 30 day meme is wearing on me. But anywho! Your year sounds so amazing. So glad you're in a great place now, both literally and mentally. And welcome, late welcome I guess haha, to Georgia!

Dave and Ashley said...

I agree about the 30 day meme. It started off great and around day 16 became a lull. But way to be a trooper and stick with it! Keep your head up!

Chelle said...

I hate year in a reviews. I always think "oh I've had such a great year" then when typed out I realize nope not even close.

jleigh2011 said...

Lol, I am sure all of us doing the 30 day meme are tired of it or at least getting there. I quit after day 3. : P Talk about failure. Sounds like your year was busy.