Day 15- A FanFic

Okay I'm not usually a fan of FanFic but there are some funny ones out there. There are thousands out there about the Twilight saga and my SIL sent me a link to some hilarious illegal foreign Harry Potter spin-offs.

Twilight Saga

Here is the link to a page listing 11 of the most ridiculous HP ones.

Harry Potter

Today's post is kinda boring eh? Sorry Charlie's, I gotta call the clinic to see if I can come in and get some pain meds or if I need to head to the ER. We started a Phase 2 exercise today so a lot of stuff is shut down and that's why Mr. Superman is on 14 hour shifts. My pain dilemna right now is due to ridiculous mouth/wisdom tooth pain. Bad luck is my Tricare dental doesn't kick in until July 1st. Then I'll be really screwed because he'll be gone for a month and I can't very well get my wisdom teeth out while he's gone. Its life I suppose. Right now I use oragel but its to the point it only lasts two minutes before it wears off. Fun fun!

Happy Hump Day ya'll!!


JG said...

Okay, I confess, my first long completed project was an HP fanfic. Apparently I deleted it, which is a shame. It was over 75 pages long. I used to LOVE fanfic, but that was at the beginning. Then it grew and pretty much anyone thought anything that they wrote that had the words "Harry Potter" in it qualified. The last straw was when someone essentially posted the first Harry Potter book, chapter by chapter, but changed Harry to a girl...and got like 50 comments talking about how great and talented they were and how they "can't want to see what happens next." After that, I gave it up. But good memories. :)

Team Mama said...

If I can get Katie out there you can get your wisdom teeth done. Or Do it when Erin is there. You just need to have someone with you to keep watch over you for a couple of days. Or if he isn't leaving until July 7th- see if you can get it scheduled on the 1st or 2nd. Or if you need me... I'll come out too!!! Don't be in pain!

Natalie said...

so i must be the worst blogger EVER because I realize that I haven't been over to check out your blog yet. Forgive me? It is too cute and I am definitely following!
Excited to read lots more of your stuff. Have a lovely day!