Incredible Giveaway!

Okay so most of you already know about Nicole
You know, from Flip Flops & Combat Boots

She is AMAZING. She is super popular and cool too. 
Cool enough that CSN is having her host a giveaway for them. 
Go HERE to check it out. 
make sure you let her know I sent you. 
Love ya'll forever!!


Amanda said...

"I ADORE cherry blossoms. I want my next tattoo to incorporate them! "
that's awesome! what is it going to look like?
My cherry blossom tattoo is going to be an entire back piece. I can't wait to get it!!

A Marine's Wife! said...

thanks girl! good luck! :)

A Marine's Wife! said...

silly me deleted the comment you left about writing this! can you leave it again lol