Day 25 & Day 26

Day 25: My Day in Great Detail

My day in great detail was supposed to be posted yesterday but my internet was down. Besides that my day was rather boring and miserable. We woke up after noon. We had gone to bed at nearly 4 AM so its okay. Its weird being on different sleeping schedules than everyone else. We woke up and I instantly just lay down on the couch with my heating pads. Mr. Superman got me a bowl of cereal and some pain killers. We watched some tv and then he headed to Walmart to get me some cream soda and pick up a few other things. We spent the afternoon cuddling and just soaking up each other. I got to talk to my sister A for a good hour. We hadn't talked in a very long time. I got to talk to three of her kiddies and tell them the exciting news that we'll be there for 10 days in September. I also spoke with my friend Ashley for an hour or so just kind of shootin' the breeze. I got to Skype with my best friend Brighteyes too. It was wonderful to see her beautiful face. We just have way too much fun, even 2,000 miles apart. We wrapped up the evening with a phone call to Mr. Superman's mom then got in bed early this morning.

Day 26: My Week in Great Detail

Dude, feel free to stop reading now. The ONLY reason I'm doing these posts is to prove I can do something and finish it up. I'm almost done!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were all the same. Well Monday I had to wake up early for my last day of school. The rest of the week found Mr. Superman and I sleeping in until 12 noon'ish. We both work nights now so I drop him off at base at 2:40 PM, head home, get ready, then go to work myself. This last week I was off at 10 PM, an hour earlier than my normal schedule because its still training. Go home, veg for 20 or so minutes, then head to base to pick my man lover up. We'd come home, I would eat, we'd shower and start some laundry, then watch TV or a movie until 1, 2, or 3 AM then crash. Saturday was already explained above and today hasn't been much different. We made our big Sunday breakfast as usual. Eggs, bacon, and hash browns. I've spent the day purging my Follow list and Google Reader. That is a post in and of itself though.

Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

That's cool that you guys are working the same schedule. I sometimes have to work evenings, and the worst part about it is that C and I are on different schedules. =(

KelseyC said...

I agree...nice that you two are the same schedules and have time to just be together and cuddle!