Day 22- A Website

I'm a lame-o. I don't even know what to post. I love Etsy (who doesn't?) I am also in love with this fabric website HERE. It is INCREDIBLE. Another one I adore has all sorts of buttons, trims, crystals, and other glorious things. You can find it HERE. There is a brooch store I stumbled upon about 14 months back that is (too expensive for me) but is fabulous nonetheless. You can go check them out HERE.

What are some of your favorite websites?


Anonymous said...

I just bought a ton of stuff off fabric.com about an hour or so ago!

I love Etsy too. My favorite store on Etsy is The Fabric Shoppe & Sarah's Vine.


jenna♥devon said...

Rachelle I absolutely love reading your blog. I have to prepare myself to get on it because I just know I am going to be intimidated in some way. I am kind of in love witht hat picture of your shoes next to his empty army boots. It makes me happy and sad at the same time but I love it. My favorite website is etsy!

BryceandWhit said...

My new fav website is vintagepearl. com... I think you will like it;)

Chelle said...

I absolutely ADORE Etsy.com but I can't go there often to even just "windowshop" because I'll start clicking and next thing I know I'm ordering things. lol