Fabulous Thursday Five!!

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Basically... just post 5 things that have made you happy then head back to MannLand5 to get your link on!
1) Today was my final for my CNA course and I got a 97% without studying!  (I studied 5/24 chapters on Monday) SUH-WEET!

2) Mr. Superman's 14 hour shifts should be over by Sunday at the latest. That is sweet music to my ears ya'll.

3) One of Mr. Superman's best friends from high school who was a groomsman at our wedding and also happens to be the roommate who dubbed me "The Mean Girl" for the first year of knowing me, got engaged! We got a phone call at midnight on Tuesday (I don't remember it at all) and when we finally got in touch later, he told us the good news. We are so happy and excited for him. PLUS, this means a trip home to Arizona in September!!!!

4) Tomorrow is Friday! Normally this would mean 2 days with Mr. Superman but since we still have the Phase 2 exercise war games goin' on, this means I have two days to get caught up with everyone's blogs! I am soooo behind and I've missed you lovelies!

5) Now that I am done with my CNA class (nearly) and finished with clinicals, I can finally start painting my fingernails again! Boy have I missed it!

Happy Thursday sweeties!


Anonymous said...

oh you should totally blog about each playlist!

I need new music... bad!

and it's not lame! :D

Team Mama said...

Is this Chad that's engaged??? (Or Spencer?) I just can't imagine either of them.... Wow- what news!