Sporadic I'm Back!

I know I have been MIA over the last week but I'm back! Clinicals... well they didn't go off without a hitch but they are over now. Big huge woot woot for that right there.

Today was supposed to be my final so yesterday I had gotten together with two friends, Ashley and Leman, to study our hearts out. We show up today and since a few of the 'blessed ones' (the teachers favorites who get away with ANYTHING) couldn't be bothered to show up today, the final got moved to Thursday on their behalf. NICE. Since our certifications depend on our hours accumulated, we had to sit there for four hours doin' nothing. It was a blast. Now I just have to get the final done on Thursday and then paperwork on Monday. After the class wraps it'll be time to start crackin' on studying for the state boards. I also, start training for a new job on the 7th. Its for a call center doing customer surveys for an outrageous number of car dealerships across North America and its only 8/hr (my lowest pay by far for 4 years) but its a job and that's better than nothing. I'll have two weeks of training 6-10 PM (ewie) and then working 6-11 PM weekdays and 6 hours on weekends. It'll mean less time with Mr. Superman, which will be the hardest thing by far about going back to work, but I am grateful that after 7 months of job hunting/applying/turn downs, I finally have one. I'll also still be applying and keeping an eye out for some great NA jobs. I'm looking into Hospice, Home Health Care, and the hospitals here and in surrounding towns. Keep me in your prayers!

Another yucky change coming up is Mr. Superman starting swings. We both HATE the fact that he got changed because the guy over shifts hates everyone in the shop and is butt hurt he has no friends but we can do nothing about it. It is what it is. His TDY also has been changed from 12 days to 30 days. I know we're lucky he is home most of the time and hasn't been deployed yet but this will be the first time we're apart since Tech School. Yeah, sometimes I forget how NEWBIE we are. He'll be fine, I'm the one on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Le sigh. 

I also know I've been getting awards from all you sweethearts but I am a total slacker! I've seen a huge bulk of my readers and favorite bloggers receiving them now too though so I won't be passing them on. Just know I am grateful and love them! Keep 'em coming dear ones! I am in the midst of creating pages and finally transferred the awards to a page at the top from my right sidebar. Also be sure to check out all of the Dear Mrs. S. posts. It's probably more than most wanted to ever know about me but you asked, I told. PLEASE let me know if I somehow missed your question(s). Thanks again for all of the questions. I really enjoyed answering them all.

Speaking of awards, I was given another fabulous award by G.I. Joe's Wife today. Thanks woman! Ya'll should check her out. She's incredible. Since this is a new'ish one and its recent, I will be passing this one on.

The rules...

• To receive this award, promise to share this with 5 other BLOGS that you think are Trendy too.
• Post about your award in your blog.
• List your Top 5 Trendy Blogs.
• Share with them.

I'm giving this award to a few blogs (I wish I could list them all!) that I absolutely love. These ladies have lots to share and are all fab. Go check 'em out!

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I also got a fabulous little package in the mail awhile back from the lovely Katie over at Diary of a Disgruntled Marine Girlfriend from winning her giveaway. I've been using the little leopard tote for a week. Love it girl!

If you are a real life friend/family member then you may have noticed I took my Family & Friends link lists off of my sidebar. Don't worry, I'm still reading :) I just bookmarked them all on my comp so all of my other readers can't have access to your private lives. More for the creepers I can't see than all of my followers.

I also need to give a huge shout out and thank you to Wife on the Roller Coaster. She knows why but I wanted to publicly acknowledge her. Ya'll will find out why soon, but for now, if you don't already follow her/read her blog, you should. She is great and such an inspiration!

For blog followers adding me on Twitter and Facebook, make sure to let me know who you are! I'll add you, I just need to be able to keep you all straight! Also for NEW FOLLOWERS, just leave me a quickie comment letting me know you're reading. For the most part I can track you down and check out your blogs and get to know you in return, but a few are MIA and I just love being able to interact with you.

Random side note: Loving The Bachelorette so far. Also, I nearly cried when LA won at PHX. I couldn't complain because for the most part, we were just outplayed. I can't stand Kobe though. Now that its down to the Celtics and Lakers, I am finding myself on the Celtics side. Never ever thought I'd see that day. My loyalties gotta lie with them though since they are the lesser of two evils (barely). Okay enough sports talk.

I think that is all of my sporadic news/info share. Hopefully. I'll be getting back into the swing of reading and commenting soon I promise! Thanks for sticking with me ya'll!


Anonymous said...

Loving the Bachelorette so far too! I'm normally not a fan of the series, but this season has been interesting...um...the weatherman?! LOL!

And congrats on the job!

Steph said...

Congrats on the job. I'm sure you'll do great on the test!

Sarah said...

I love your randomness. =)

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

Wow, you're a busy girl! Congrats on the job! That's not an easy task in this day and age. You'll do great.

Congrats on the award, and THANK YOU for passing it along to me! :) I love awards. And girl, no need to thank me. It was fate that we "met."

Keep smiling!


allissa said...

Oh, I'm so glad you're back! I've missed you!

Anonymous said...

woot woot for awards!

boooo for sucky hours in training for the new job :(

and if Facebook doesn't move any faster I think I'll be an old lady with wrinkles before it loads...

JG said...

Just remember to let yourself take a breath! You deserve it :)

A Marine's Wife! said...

thank you for the award girlie!! <3

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Thank you so much for the Award! Thank you for liking my blog :)