Dear Mrs. S. (Your Questions Answered!) Part 2

 Questions from JG at Me and My Soldier Man (Fabulous Bloggy Friend):

Were you raised Mormon or were you converted?

I was born and raised Mormon. My mom was born and raised in the Church as well but my dad’s parents converted right before he turned 8 so he was baptized as well. His parents got divorced and fell away but he stayed active.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was little, the only thing I ever wanted to be was an actress. I danced for a long time, I did theater (both musical and non-musical), and I always enjoyed the stage. I wanted to be an actress so badly. When I was fourteen I gave up on the dream but kept dancing and acting for fun.

Top five favorite movies?

Just five? Oh come on! I love the entire Harry Potter series. That only counts as one. I love anything with Tom Hanks. I love Seven Pounds. I love good action movies. I’m all about the bang bang and explosions. Mr. Superman loves it. I love anything with Sandra Bullock too. I’m sorry I didn’t list five, it’s way too difficult.

Where do you want to be this time next year (personally, not geographically)?

I want to be as far away from where I am now as possible. I have so much work to do as far as getting my health back. I need to drop my spare 25 lbs. and get my HHT managed and under control. I want to be writing more and reading more. I want to be close to being out of debt. I want to have a handle on my emotions and all the things that have transpired in the last 14 months. I want to be able to talk about it all without fear and without breaking down.  

Questions from Whitney at Everything Happens For a Reason (Bloggy Friend):

What kind of nursing do you want to specialize in?

Well…. I don’t know if I am going to stick with nursing but that is a whole separate story. Either a Labor & Delivery nurse, NICU, or PEDS.

What's the whole story on how you got together with Mr. Superman?

Oh that is a long story. Stick with me though ladies because it is a good one. I was engaged to another guy. The same guy I dated for a few years in high school. I had the ring, the date, about to buy my dress but I was miserable. It was a really bad situation. I got brave one night and went to my mom for help. After breaking down, she told me her and my dad would do anything for me to keep me safe and make me happy. I broke it off. About a month and a half later I was living three hours away and only my family and a few friends knew where I was. My first week there I met a guy. I forgot about said guy until a few days later when he and another guy just walked through the door of my friends trailer. Yes, trailer. We didn’t know these guys but they just walked in. They introduced themselves and invited us over to their trailer. It was actually the trailer of one of the guys I had met a few days earlier and I recognized him. None of my friends wanted to but I said yes. My friends thought I was crazy. Two strange guys? Yeah well, I have always been a guys’ girl.  The one guy who lived there, introduced me to his three roommates. One, I instantly connected with (it was not Mr. Superman), one I seriously thought was a mute, I mean kid you not (this WAS Mr. Superman), and one couldn’t handle my sarcasm and instantly hated me. He actually called me “The Mean Girl” for the first year he knew me. Anyways, after awhile, I noticed that Mr. Superman was the one guy that wouldn’t pay any attention to me. I took it as a personal challenge. I was dating his roommate by this time. You know, the one that picked me up in a trailer park? Definitely one of the most white trash moments of my life. I hung out with the rest of the guys all the time and Mr. Superman would never come along. Finally one night I called him and asked him if he wanted to come over for dinner and a movie. He said sure and asked if he could invite everyone else. I said no. Ha ha! Anyways I made him chicken and pasta and we watched the Interpreter. That’s when we found out we both love Nicole Kidman. We talked a ton that night and I thought it would take off from there. Wrong. It took me being over at his place ALL the time, making ALL the moves before he finally caught on. I asked him out first, I held his hand first, and when I realized he wasn’t in a hurry, I brought up our “status” first. One night I looked at him straight in the eye and asked, “When are you going to finally tell me how much you like me?” He got all embarrassed and said something like, “Well I do.” I said I knew but was wondering when he was gonna man up. After making him feel all awkward and fumbly for a few hours he finally asked me if I thought I could be his girlfriend. I said yes. Ha ha, then the next day I had to break it off completely with his roommate. The rest is history! This really was the shortshort version. 

 (A few months into dating, one of Mr. Superman's roommates taught me to skateboard. I practiced inside the trailer because I fell a lot so if I was inside, it didn't hurt as bad. Don't mind the nasty trailer, or the snowboarding goggles or the pink fuzzy slippers. The other picture: I tried to depants my man but he was super smart and had another pair of shorts on underneath. Tricky little man.)

Questions from Jaime at Fearfully, Wonderfully (Bloggy friend)

Tattoos? Got 'em?

Yes’m. One on my right shoulder blade and one behind my left ear.

Parents supportive of you being a military wifey?

Very. I don’t think anyone in my family really sees me as being any different than I was two years ago though. I mean they know he’s in the military and they know that he could be deployed and such, but I don’t think anyone really thinks of us as being any different. My mama and daddy are a lot more involved though. Always asking about his work and about how things work in the AF and such. My sister and brother-in-law are pretty fabulous about it all too.

Biggest pet peeve about your hubs?
Okay I don’t mean to be one of those nauseating women who are all like, “Oh my heavens! I just don’t know. I can’t find one bad thing about him at all! Gag, Gag, Gag…” Really though, I don’t know. I think one thing is that I can tell him something three or four times, bring it up a few weeks later, and he won’t remember. It tends to hurt my feelings and I’ll cry that he doesn’t listen to me but that’s not true. Its usually smaller stuff and I tend to be overemotional as it is.

Biggest pet peeve about yourself?

Well I already mentioned that I hate that when I get mad, I cry. I couldn’t think of anything else though so I asked Mr. Superman. He said he hates that I am a “picker”. It’s true, and gnarly, and gross but I pick. Bumps, zits, anything. He said, “I hate when you go to scratch my back and I think you’re being nice but then it turns into you picking.” Ha ha I am laughing right now because it is so true and I just can’t help it!

Questions from Ria at Life as a Wife (Bloggy Friend):

What are you most passionate about?

I am extremely passionate about children. I know I probably am starting to sound like a broken record but babies, children, their education, Pro-Life, children in foster care, adoption… Everything about kids. I get really enflamed about politics and my beliefs. I’m also pretty dang passionate about Mr. Superman. You knowOoh la la!

What is it that makes you wake up in the morning and tick?

Right now it’s the alarm clock. Just kidding! Not really but I don’t feel like I have anything that makes me tick per say. I am alive because of the life God blessed me with. I am alive because Mr. Superman saved me. I am alive because I have work to do here, I just haven’t quite figured it out yet. Right now, I get up, and I try my best to be the woman Mr. Superman deserves. I try to make myself better and more worthy of motherhood. I think I have a long ways to go and a lot of baggage to sort through and unpack before God is ready to hand over one of his precious children to us.

When are you and Mr. S planning on starting a family??

We have been trying to have children from day one. We never used BC and both wanted a baby so badly. We have lost two and after surgeries, illness, and disease diagnoses, we have felt our path turned towards adoption. We are trying to get more financially stable and get rid of as much debt as possible before adopting.

Questions from Whitney at Army Wife (Bloggy Friend):

What day is your anniversary? Cause ours is the 13th of October 2007!!! Crazy I know same month and year!!!

We got married on October 19, 2007! I know that is crazy for sure. You beat us by a week. We had our original date as November 9, 2007 but moved it up. One of my brothers got married about a month before us so we wanted to give my poor mom some rest before delving into another wedding/reception. We also had to work around hunting season. No, I am not joking. After my dad sat down and figured out his hunting trips, the two dates we were left with were the afore mentioned.

How do you find other young couples in the military that are LDS too??

To be completely honest, I think we have met maybe two LDS Mil couples. They were both in our ward too and just quickly introduced themselves. They both were easily 10 years older with 4+ kiddos. I am hoping another young couple gets here soon. It’s getting ridiculous.

Questions from Steph at Watching Airplanes (Bloggy Friend):

What is one food that you could eat everyday for the rest of your life?

Well I would only eat it everyday if I didn’t gain any weight! I could eat Italian food everyday. If we’re being realistic here though, something I do have nearly everyday is oatmeal. Its super healthy and its also part of my diet. I put in some low fat butter, honey, and low fat milk so its naturally sweetened and it is just so tasty!

Questions from Abby at Dogtags & Pearls (Bloggy Friend):

What kind of cake is your favorite?

CHEESECAKE!! I am not a cake person at all. Mr. Superman loves cold Funfetti cake though so this year, when I made his shop cupcakes for his b-day, I indulged in a few. I would still take cheesecake over it though.

How do you handle everything? I think you should have the title of superwoman... just sayin’ :]

First off, you’re sweet! I really don’t see myself as “handling” things. I feel like I fall so short of what I should be able to do. I have breakdowns every other day if not daily. The physical pain of everything I have going on is something I have just accepted as a normal part of MY life. All of the emotional baggage I have dragging behind me really gets the better part of me more often than not. The only reason I haven’t lost my sanity yet is because of Mr. Superman.

Questions from Robyn at Team Mama (My MIL):

Are you going to have a party for graduation on June 7th?

No. Ha ha! I mean, who on earth would we invite? Really though, its just me getting done with a 10-week course so its not that big of a deal. Right now, I feel like I’m dying from the work and stress of it all but other people do more amazing things every day so, no.

Where would you like to be posted after Valdosta?

We are really holding out for hopefully being able to return to AZ next year. We want to get in an overseas post as well as one back East before retirement. We would both LOVE to go to Guam too.

Questions from Katie (My SIL):

Who's your favorite sister-in-law?

Tsk tsk Miss Katie. Now how can I choose between six SIL’s? I can’t! I won’t!

What's your top choices for boys/girls names?

Oh man I don’t know if I’m allowed to share these. We are very protective over baby names and don’t want to risk someone we’re related to using the name before we can. We chose baby names while dating so we have first claim! Okay Mr. Superman says I cannot share. Sorry! There are way too many duplicate names going on in our families as it is so we are not willing to chance it.

Dark Knight, or Batman Begins?

Oh difficult, difficult. In fear of sounding like a cliché, I have to go with The Dark Knight. I’m sure I’ll like the third installment, coming 2012, better though. I think that the Batman series is going to be an exception when it comes to sequels not being as good as the first.

Favorite Harry Potter book?

Warning: Harry Potter nerd-speak coming up. This is a toughie too! I enjoy the fourth, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but I like bits of the fifth, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as well. He’s much too angsty for my liking for the bulk of it though. I can’t really enjoy the sixth, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince because I am dreading the ending the entire time but I do love the developments in the relationship between Harry and Dumbledore. Now I think I’ll sound like a cliché here too but my favorite altogether is the seventh book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Celebrity you want as your best friend? Hahaha random!

Oh boy! As stated before, for very selfish reasons, I would like to have a well-known female journalist/talk show host/public figure as my best friend.

State you most want to live in? (Hint: It starts with a U)

Oh dear. I think Mr. Superman’s family may not like this answer, but we hate Utah. Utah was NOT good to us. We have lots of places we would like to live but our “home” is Arizona. That is where we will end up.


Whitney said...

I took dance classes too. I took tap, jazz, and ballet for 16 years. I also wanted to be an actress, but my dream stopped at age 20. I realized that wasn't something I wanted to do with my life.

allissa said...

I'm a picker too and I hate it, but I swear I get some sort of weird satisfaction from it.

Tylaine said...

So much fun! I love reading more about people. "The Mean Girl" ha!
I'm a picker too, only I pick the food of other people's plates. When my hubby (then a "potential" husband) first came up to see me, we went out for pizza and I ate his crusts. He told me after he thought that was quite forward...lol I think it was actually a Canadian/American difference too, I thought nothing of it but ofcourse he read something into it. :) Great question/answers :)

BryceandWhit said...

Thanks for answering my question...Wish someday we could meet cause I think we would get along great!!! Some Down to earth LDS people...

JG said...

So, yeah, I love all your answers! I wish I had time to respond to each of them...but I'll be back when I have more time. Promise! :)

addicted2shius said...

Hi! Just thought I'd read up on you now that I'm following you! I too am a fellow Military LDS spouse :) except I'm a convert & my hubby & I just got sealed in the temple V-day weekend! I found another military LDS spouse blogger too if you're interested in following her let me know!

Would love it if you could follow me back :)


Happy Life As An Army Wife said...

Just found your blog and wanted to say hi! I am a fellow LDS Military wife/blogger and I'm stoked to read more about you. I'm definitely a new follower. If you're interested, my blog is...