Not Me!!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Yep, it's Monday again. Thankfully this last week I was so consumed with clinicals I didn't have time to not do a whole lot. Love Not Me posts? Join in with us at MckMama's.

This week I did not drag my feet every night when it was time to get in the bath so I could get to bed. When asked what my deal was by Mr. Superman, I did not respond with, "I just don't want to get in because then eventually I'll have to get out." That is something someone completely illogical would do, not me.

This week did not find me several nights in a row, in the bath tub, eating cold cereal for dinner. I do not condone such behavior or habits. That is something some single woman living alone with no food and no husband would do, not me.

This weekend, I most certainly did not nearly burst into tears upon discovery that Walmart and the nearest drug store did not have the type of candy I was craving. I did not whine to Mr. Superman about how stupid it was nor did I proceed to purchase an amount of single Airheads in the double digits. That is something a pregnant woman with raging hormones and unbalanced emotions would do, not me.

What did you not do?


Mel said...

Oh, the cereal in the bathtub, LOVE it! I've done that, I still do.

Enjoy your day!

midwest mama said...

We all have our childish moments...funny how I expect my Littles to be mature than I am at times.

Happy Monday!