Day 10- A Photo Taken of Me Over 10 Years Ago

Oh, I almost skipped this one lovelies. Why? I was an awkward looking child. You know how people go through an awkward stage in adolescence? Mine was kinda perma-awkward until I hit 15. Lame. I knew I couldn't skip this post though and figured I'd just put it all out there. Here you go!

This is me with my Grandma (mama's, mom) at one of our summer family reunions.

Here I am with four of my 56 some-odd first cousins on my mama's side at yet another summer family reunion. I'm the tom boy one in green jeans, yellow t-shirt, walking stick, and weeds in hand. Nice.

Me feeding my very first niece a PB&J. If you hadn't guessed I was still a tomboy with the overalls, bandana, and snarly hair. Its a recurring theme I know. 

This is me with my sisters first 3 kids on summer in Cali (I used to go stay the summers there with her). I think I was 15 in this pic so its just 7 years old. I finally wear decent clothes, straightened my hair, and wore make-up but was still pale as a ghost. Oh wait, I still am. 

I hope ya'll enjoyed my painful trip down memory lane. Happy Friday!!


Steph said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Mel said...

I can only being to tell you the amount of embarrassing photos that I have from that period. I was very awkward too! :)

Oh, and I was the tomboy with the weeds too. Usually, covered in dirt and holding a baseball.

Jared said...

Love the pic of you and Amber's cutie kiddos!

Niki @ Ambitious Gurl said...

Love the pictures!

Thanks for sharing!

Chelle said...

I think we all have those stages in life. I was a funny looking kid back in the day. I used to have an AFRO for Captain Morgan's sake! Seriously an AFRO all because my mom had absolutely NO clue how to deal with "black/ethnic" hair. Horrible. I was SCARED.