Extending Giveaway!!

Okay guys, now don't get mad at me, but I have a lot of new followers who have emailed me asking about my giveaway. Well I hit 76 followers (holy batman! you guys are incredible), and a few of them didn't get the chance to enter... SO I am extending the giveaway. Right now there are 17 entrants so all of you really do have a good chance of winning! For all you newbies, here are the deets.

Mrs. S. is having a giveaway!!

To qualify for this giveaway you have to ask me a MINIMUM of two questions ON my

Q&A Post

I have gotten emails from people that were too iffy on whether or not a question was too personal or too much of a "going there" question. I've said it before and I'll say it again that I don't get offended. I am by nature a very curious and yes, sometimes nosy person so I understand wanting to know a little sump'in sump'in from someone. My religion, marriage, past, future, hopes, dreams, surgeries, infertility, hair, house, hobbies, ANYTHING, is open for questions. 

Get creative, get curious, and get asking!


Two questions will get you one entry.
If you start following me on twitter you get another entry.
If you tweet about it using my handle, you get another entry.
If you ask me another two questions, you get another entry.
If you give me a shameless shout out and link up on your blog, you get TWO more entries.
If I get another follower (or however many) that leaves me a comment saying they saw me on YOUR page, you get another entry.


If you already follow me on twitter, make sure to still leave a comment and let me know.
If you ask three questions, you still only get one entry.
You may tweet about this, with my handle, once a day. Every tweet is another chance.  (Be sure to let me know, every time you tweet)
Questions from Anonymous posters will not be counted BUT I will answer them.

See how easy this is? You could have so many wonderful chances to win!

Now to be sure that everything you are doing is kept track of, leave a separate comment for each thing you do either on this post or the Q&A. Obviously your questions will be kept track of easily on the Q&A but the twitter or the shameless shout outs can be left on here and I will be sure to keep very close track of everything.

Now for the prizes... I had a really hard time choosing what to giveaway. I finally settled on a combination of two of my all-time favorite things. I lovelovelove books and reading and being able to delve into another world. I also am obsessed with having fabulous bath and body products. I love aromatherapy, bubble bath, mineral and salt soaks, skin butters, lotions, etc. Soooo! The winner of the giveaway is going to be receiving (drum roll please)


A Barnes & Noble gift card AND one of the above (or a combo depending on price) Bath & Body Works products!! I'm sorely tempted to keep them to myself but decided I'd share some of my favorite things. So the winner can get a glimpse into my love and adoration for books (especially from Barnes & Noble) and Bath & Body Works products.

Get to asking, linking, tweeting, and following!

♥ Mrs. S.


A Marine's Wife! said...

oooh! Now I'm even more excited!

Team Mama said...

Ok- my two questions:
1- Are you going to have a party for graduation on June 7th?
2- Where would you like to be posted after Valdosta?

Ok- so I'm not very original...what can I say?
Miss you!

Ashlee G. said...

I am now following you on Twitter. I got a twitter account specifically for you.

Feel honored. :-)

Ashlee G. said...

and i just tweeted.

Heather said...

I love a good giveaway!

1. Do you know what you would like to specialize in after nursing school?
2. What's your favorite Thai dish?

Heather said...

I'm a twitter follower.

Heather said...

And I tweeted :)

Sarah Ann said...

Count me in on the fun!
1- I know you wear glasses so I have to ask- when you got married did you wear them or get contacts? Because I cannot stand the idea of wearing glasses with a pretty dress but I'm wondering if I'm weird because of that!
2- I was reading through your older posts and I saw the one where you talked about your weight gain. I can 100% relate. I was wondering what your workouts consist of? Because I've been doing the same stuff for a month now and although I'm getting stronger I'm not losing any weight!
3- What is the hardest thing that came with all the changes in your life since you moved with your husband?
4- What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Oh, and I FINALLY got around to following your blog (I know, forever and a day- I'm so sorry!) so count me in there too please!

Chelle said...

Sadly it took me 15 minutes to find the silly twitter button on your page. LOL But I'm stalking you there too!

Chelle said...

So I've asked questions, Im tweet stalking you and now I have more questions..

Can you write a whole sentence with your toes holding the pen?

Every share an ice cream cone with a pet?

What's your favorite delivery food item?