Friday I'm in Love!! Plus Friday Follow

Quickie Edit: I didn't want to do a separate post so I'm adding in the Friday Follow at the beginning. There are always fabulous blog finds! I love it.

Friday Follow

Yesterday, I registered for summer quarter. I am now currently enrolled in three classes amassing 9 1/2 credit hours. I think that's a lot for summer but maybe it's just because I am out of practice. I usually have school on Thursdays but class was canceled as a way to get presently-enrolled students to register early. I found out that the grant I should be receiving covers one hundred percent of tuition and fees but only 50 dollars worth of books. Guess how much my books cost.... OVER 300 DOLLARS!! I nearly had a heart attack. That's not even counting the 115 dollars I have to pay for my state exam that I need to take before I start my summer classes. Gah! School is so stressful. I won't even have Mr. Superman to lean on in July when school starts. He'll be TDY. He's excited, I'm dreading. Then again, he's tough, I'm a wussy, cry-baby.

Last night, since we are both horribly sick with these cold/flus (they are yucky to say the least), we went to Chili's for dinner. It was good. On the way home, he told me about some things he had begun to give some serious thinking to. The things he was talking about and bringing up kind of shocked me. They hit me out of nowhere. None of it was bad it was just.... unexpected. I guess the next three years will be more interesting than previously planned. I mean, yeah it's the military so it's like expect the unexpected, hurry up and wait, nothing is for certain but I was nonetheless surprised.

Moving on. Its Friday!! Woo! I have lots of blog reading, commenting, Questions for Mrs. S, oh and perhaps some cleaning, laundry, and dishes to catch up on.

This is Grandpa Alligator. He lives on base along with the many other alligators but he, unlike the many other alligators, is ancient. See his really giant jowels hanging down? This is Grandpa Alligator crossing the road near the bomb dump. Wanna know something funny about him? Every year, they tag him and move him to some animal preservation place. Guess what? Every year Grandpa Alligator travels hundreds of miles and comes back to his little hidey hole near the bomb dump here at Moody AFB. I find it funny. Just stop trying to move him. He knows what he likes and its obviously South Georgia, men in camo, and bombs.

POST EDIT* Mr. Superman found this video last night. I am in love! Its incredible. I then had to search for other songs by them. Go search them on YouTube. Amazing.


Young Mom/Wife said...

I always hated how much I had to spend on textbooks. It is total robbery. Is there anyway you can find them used online via amazon or something?

P.S. I love the new blog design.

Steph said...

I'm an animal lover but alligators, uh no thank you. What a stinker, coming back every year.

Good luck with summer school. That does seem like a lot but I'm sure you will do fine.

Midday Escapades said...

Hi there! Thanks for joining the celebration. I am now a follower. Happy Friday Follow!

That's a hilarious video Mr. Superman found.


joeandbridge said...

Good Afternoon! Happy FF!
Have a Great Weekend!

Bridgette Groschen
Groschen Goblins


Books were always the most expensive part of my college experience.... I remember one class requiring 4 books.... They cost a total of 260 dollars! Just for one class!

That's so funny! Grandpa Alligator is so cool! It's awesome that he travels so far to come to his home!

I Think It's Interesting

Blommi said...

Now following your lovely blog, from FF. Have a wonderful day :)


BryceandWhit said...

I love to watching videos like that on youtube... thats a really good one

Team Mama said...

Carrie said she has NEVER paid full price for books! Look on earlier Facebook post where she has posted a link to 2 places to buy cheap textbooks...see if that helps.
Love the gator (well not literally) Does Cody know where he is going TDY? And summer classes always seem to be easier that fall or winter classes- in my experience. Hope it works that way for you!
Hope you feel better soon! I have some thoughts about July if Cody is going to be gone- I'll talk to you about them later!
<3 <3 <3

Mrs. Ma'am said...

The cost of books are outrageous. I always try to buy mine online used or borrow them. But with my school they are all e-books and all a flat rate price. Good luck with your summer classes! And good luck on the exam.

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
I'm stopping by via Friday Follow to say hello.
Have a great day!

*Jenn* said...

I think we would get along GREAT too! :) Only cause were both SO fabulous! :) Happy friday!

Beautiful Dreamer said...

Came across your blog from, well I don't remember now haha. BUT I just had to tell you that I am in the AF as well AND I am AMMO too. I was stationed at Pope and half the bomb dump went down to Moody and I went to Beale in Cali.

Sarah said...

You have a special something on my blog! ;-)

Still On The Verge said...

Thanks for the follow and the sweet comment. I am following you back!


allissa said...

First of all, I want to thank you for thinking of me! It really does mean a lot! Hopefully, things go the way I want them to! Otherwise, I'll be a huge whiner on my blog, I'm sure. And I so hate the ugly cry.

Second, I had been spending so much money on textbooks, and someone mentioned that there are sites you can rent books from. I ended up paying $30 for a book that would have cost me $120. You just have to give them back, which personally, I am always glad to get rid of them!

Carmen said...

9 1/2 credits for summer is quite a bit but at least you will be getting a lot out of the way! I love that picture of Grandpa Alligator, too funny.

Love the video! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

That video is HILARIOUS!!! That's my 2-year-old daughter's favorite song. I needed a smile today. Thanks girl.

MrsThomas said...

ooh! I buy my textbooks used on Amazon. So many times I find brand new books that are "used" for like $15 when they are listed as $60+ new!

and Ah! the alligator?! We live just 3 miles from the Chattahoochee (yes, we're at Benning... for now) and my husband always tries to scare me by telling me to check under the car for alligators and I never believed him! now I guess I should!!

Kassi said...

Oh My Goodness! I would have a slight heart attack if there was a gator crossing in front of my car! The video is wonderfully funny! I love your blog as always :)

erinrenee said...

wow that video is amazing! I love it! I will have to search for it when I am finished updating today :) That's amazing that the gator keeps coming back, and people think they're stupid... psh. lol.

Ashley said...

One summer, I took 11 hours! I thought I was going to slit my wrist! And on top of that, my daughter was really sick and was admitted to the hospital!! ARGH! I love the pic of the alligator! What a fun story about Grandpa!! I am a new follower!