Day 11- A Photo of Me, Taken Recently

This ones just kind of boring eh? Just me.... Bleh! 30 Day Meme commands it though, and right now, that is law.

I took this like .5 seconds ago. I don't have any super recent photos you guys haven't already seen. Here's me, after day 2 of kill me clinicals, in my scrubs and after a much needed grocery run. 
(Today was pay day!!)


Mandy said...

Great Picture! I love your glasses! Are you a nurse? I'm thinking about going back to school this fall to start nursing school :)

allissa said...

I WISH I looked this good after a long day like that! Gosh, you are so pretty!

Niki @ Ambitious Gurl said...

I love the picture! You look so cute!

I am right with ya on the much needed grocery run! We did that today. Too bad we spent a buttload at walmart getting Mr's much needed supplies for his deployment.

Chelle said...

You looks so nerdy cute. That is pure sexiness though. *snickersnort*