Not Me!!

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Well it has come again. Monday. The dreaded, awful, inglorious, dragging, manic Monday has come again. Despite all of my wishing and positive thinking about just skipping to Wednesday (I hate Tuesdays too), it did in fact ignore my desires and showed up anyway. Rude huh? I don't care about all the tradition of the normal week, its so thoughtless and careless about my others needs.

Actually, as much as I really dislike Mondays there is one good thing about it. Go on and check out MckMama and join in on the fun.

Last Sunday, while sitting in bed, I did not see something big and black on the pillow and proceed to SCREAM, chuck said pillow at Mr. Superman, then violently thrash around screaming until Mr. Superman pointed out to me that it was indeed a large piece of string. That's something a wussy person would do, not me.

While driving home from our daily work out, I didn't feel something tickling my scalp inside my hat. I didn't try to ignore it thinking it was sweat, and I definitely didn't end up seeing said "tickle" fall onto my leg to be identified as a beetle bug. I didn't start to swing my arms wildly while at a stop light with the window down and fifty people around and watching. I didn't scream despite having the window down and those fifty people watching. I didn't nearly hyperventilate and I most certainly did not smile and wave to the people laughing at the spectacular performance I didn't give. That would be something a dramatic person would do, not me.

Thursday, upon arriving home from school and finding a giant spider in my front doorway, I did not weigh the pro's, con's, and chances of the spider getting inside, and decide it wasn't worth the danger. I didn't go to my back door, dump my school bag out in my search for my back door keys, and then try four different keys before finally gaining entrance to my haven. Two hours later, when getting ready to leave the house to go work out, I did not have a horrid flashback of the spider, and decide to not chance it still residing in my doorway resulting in the use of the back door again. That is something a scaredy cat would do, not me.

While thinking about my "Not Me, Monday" post, I did not realize that my first three posts were all bug/spider/critter incidents, and I most certainly did not concede that I am indeed a dramatic, wussy, scaredy cat. That is something a knowingly self-deprecating person would do, not me.

This weekend while at Jacksonville Beach, after having been there for an hour and a half, I did not have a total emotional breakdown and proceed to lay face down on my board crying about how I looked like a beached whale. That is something an insecure cry baby would do, not me.  

I DIDN'T DO a whole lot of other stuff this last week but I have a ridiculous amount of stuff on my plate right now. I have forty minutes to get started on laundry then its off to get Mr. Superman to commence "whoop my wife's butt into shape" time. Its three cheese tortellini for dindin accompanied by a massive side of studying for my huge state first aid test tomorrow that I was told about this morning. Yeah, its been one of those days.

Thanks again for all the wonderful questions, tweets, and shout outs. You guys are the best. I'll catch up on blog reading and commenting tomorrow. Loves!

♥ Mrs. S.


Steph said...

Hahaha! Good luck with the workout and studying for the test.

Team Mama said...

I am so glad you didn't do all those things! (Although I would have.) When we lived in Alabama I was so freaked out by the giant size bugs and spiders, I made Matt have the pest control company come about every month to spray. Totally creeped me out!
Good luck on your test! You are an amazingly smart person and you'll do fine!
<3 <3 <3

Jen said...

Good luck on your test, you can do it! :)

Sherri Romney said...

Your "not me" Monday cracked me up. I am also a scaredy cat when it comes to bugs. Jake just makes fun of me. :) Good luck studying!

Chelle said...

I have never put my truck in park at a stop light, got out, jumping like I was on fire because a spider crawled down my shirt into my bra. I would never do this with children in the truck either.

I think I love you since you have bug pobias like me too!

-The Bergen Family- said...

bahahaha! I do THE same things when it comes to bugs! Ryan thinks I'm insane. Good luck with your studies!

allissa said...

Your bug phobias make me smile. Probably because all of these situations could (NOT) have been me!

L.C. said...

I feel you on the spider....uuuugggghhh

Nicole said...

ugh I hate spiders... the worst moment I had was actually just this past week. I woke up from sleeping to a spider crawling on my face!!! Lets just say, I have not slept well the past few nights haha.

OOOO three cheese tortellini! Send some this way :)