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Its that time, AGAIN. I will apologize for any lack of posting/lame posts and major MIA comments from me this week. Its my last main week of school with my last few assignments, chapter tests, and CLINICALS. I will also try to not die this week although I am in major doubt of my capabilities at this point. I mean come on, don't they know that I'm just married to Mr. Superman and that his powers don't rub off on me. Geeze. Without further ado, Not Me Monday commences.

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This week, I definitely did not find myself in the shower, after having washed my hair and in the midst of shaving my armpits, freaking out. I did not see, using my peripheral vision, a dark shadow of something in my freshly shaven right armpit. Having all the buggy phobias I don't have, I did not look down and let out a long blood curdling scream upon seeing a long 4 inch hair where there should have been nothing. My heart did not drop and then start palpitating irregularly until my genius of a brain managed to process that it was one of the hairs off my head and not a super strain of fast growing armpit hair. That is something an over dramatic, over imaginative person would do, not me.

This week, I did not find myself enjoying my nightly bubble bath only to be interrupted by over-active bug paranoia. I was not relaxing with my eyes half closed when a giant bubble had the sheer nerve to pop on my boob. I did not sit bolt up right, sloshing water out of the tub, thinking a water spider had crawled on me. I did not scream, nearly vomit from fear, then realize it was my genius brain not playing tricks on me again. Once more, that is something an over dramatic, over imaginative person would do, not me. 

This weekend did not show a recurrence of my once prevalent brain farts. I was not sitting on the couch with Mr. Superman wanting to take some pictures on our Photobooth. I did not turn the computer towards him, see his face in it, and ask if he could see me, even though the web cam was not on me. I did not then proceed to say I thought it would work like our mirror does and I did not begin crying when he started laughing and asked if I was indeed being serious. He in turn did not begin to laugh even harder when he realized I had been asking a legitimate question. That is something an a-typical 'blonde' would do, not me.

Saturday night most certainly did not find me in my laundry room ready to kick my dryer and in tears. After putting all of my freshly washed clothes into the dryer, putting dryer sheets in, and starting the timer, for some inexplicable reason it would not start. I was not tempted to use four letter words nor was I about to pull my hair out and scream for Mr. Superman to come fix the stupid thing. After trying every timer setting I did not realize that I had left the dryer door open and I did not literally laugh out loud at myself and mutter under my breath that I was an idiot. That is something a hair brained woman under too much stress would do, not me.

What did you not do?

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Tylaine said...

lol you're hillarious!
Brain Farts happen to everyone and it only gets worse! :)

AF Recruiters Wife said...

this totally cracks me up, because it's 'not me' either! :)

midwest mama said...

Have you been spying on me?!

Happy Monday!

The LT's Wifey said...

ahahahaha-- try Geckos sneaking up on you! I swear I have never screamed so loud than when one flew out at me!
Good Luck with clinicals-- I remember those days.

*Jenn* said...

HAHAHA!!!! I laughed a lot at this one! I think were more alike than we thought! lol Your fabulous. :)

Sarah said...

Bahahahahaha!!! I swear to you, all of those sound like something I would do. ESPECIALLY the spider/bubble bath thing...I have a serious bug phobia.

Marissa said...

Dude, why are you in my house???? This cracked me up!!

Lindsay said...

I am so glad you commented on my blog!!! What a fun blog you have here!! I am adding you to my list :)

Ashleigh said...

I did NOT absentmindedly almost pour lemonade on my salad rather than ranch dressing. Nope, not me...hmmm I think that's inspiration for a blog post!

Niki @ Ambitious Gurl said...

Thanks for stopping by. It's all good. We are AF as well, stationed at Pope AFB right now.

Good luck with your school stuff!

Tiffanie said...

Super cute page! I need to get a more personalized one! :o))) I look forward to following you!!! Thanks for the comment!