Okay, I have already admitted I am a word nerd. I know it, I own it. I also can acknowledge that I use other words a TON and certain phrases so much it seems ridiculous. There it is. That is one of the words. Ridiculous. I also say dude.

Ridiculous (Pretty much to explain anything.)
Seriously (All the time)
Defunkitated (You guess)
Funky (Describing pretty much anything.)
Insane (Used for the same things as ridiculous.)
Dude (Once again, used in all different connotations.)
I am dying (When something is really funny.) 
Freaking (All the time)
What the H? (Self-explanatory)
Shiznit (I make up words)
Booger (I even use it in my sleep but it mainly refers to Mr. Superman)
Stinky (Yep, this is a Mr. Superman one too.)
Pretty much (If you couldn't already guess.)
These so do not even begin to scratch the surface of my love affair/abuse of words. What words do you guys use?

My day so far: There is a stupid bird that lives somewhere outside my house that is driving me insane and I wish I had a gun because I'd shoot it without it hurting my feelings in the slightest. I am so sunburned and it hurts so bad I can't hardly sleep. I'm currently starving and sorely tempted to go eat some Mac & Cheese and skip my workout. Its been pouring rain for two hours. Bugs come out in the rain. In the few seconds my door was open when I got home from school, a few bugs got in. There are currently puddles of Windex sprayed bugs all over my house. Yeah.

P.S.S. The Giveaway closes on Friday regardless of how many followers I have. Be excited.

(really old photos from october (halloween, i promise) 2006. he is such a hottie fo' sho')

♥ Mrs. S.


A Marine's Wife! said...

I think I make up words as the day goes on! And yay for Friday!

The Wifey said...

I just recently blogged about my desire to shoot the bird outside my house. I totally agree with you.

Young Mom/Wife said...

I say Dude all the time too. It really annoys my Father to this day whenever I say it. I also love the words wicked and freakin'.

Sarah Ann said...

You can tell where I'm from because of some of the words I use. Northern California has it's own little set of words that everyone else thinks are retarded. "hella" and "hecka" are two of my favorites. =]

Sarah said...

I'm pretty sure that I use "pretty sure" and these other words entirely too much...
"Dude!" as an introduction to a sentence: Dude, that hurt.
"Wicked" as an adjective: How cute? Wicked cute.
And "seriously" is often used as a complete thought, several times in a row (thank you Grey's Anatomy!)

*Jenn* said...

HA! Thats So funny! I say "What the creep??" all the time when I think something is weird. haha

Ashleigh said...

My favorite totally unscholarly word? Legit! I love it!

JG said...

Freaking, dude and seriously are lynchpins in my vocabulary, too.

Michy said...

stopping by from the blog hop! Dude, seriously? You need to add another word to your list. Face. Best-insult-ever. :)

Also, your FACE is Defunkitated!

Chelle said...

OMG will you go to the commy with me dressed like that if I promise to wear my pirate hat? I'm in love!

There was something else I was going to say to you but honestly forgot when I saw the ubber sexiness steaming from your pic.

Team Mama said...

Ha! Those pictures are in that bad bad bad trailer that he lived in during the Thatcher period. (At least his picture is!) Chad's dad said, something to the effect that living in this trailer is why you are going to college- so you never have to live in one again! Oh my gosh- it was sooooo bad!
And yes- we are all word nerds here too! So you fit right in!