Day 6- What Tickles My Fancy

Whatever tickles my fancy? Man this is hard. I hate making decisions.

Okay- I sneeze a lot. I mean A LOT. Every sneeze attack is never less than three and I think my 'record' is 23 in a row. My allergies aren't terrible, I just sneeze often. Mr. Superman likes to make fun of me. He thinks my sneezing face is ridiculous and my sister thinks the way it sounds is hilarious. Like a little high pitched laser. Pew, pew, pew. Anyway, on my wedding day, I warned my photographer that I had this sneezing problem and that I was apologizing in advance for any messed up photos. I did pretty well in the group shots and I think I made it through the ceremony without sneezing which is a miracle. I felt really bad for the people coming through our line though because some of them would be half way through saying something and I would sneeze.  Unbeknownst to me, my photographer got one of these such moments on camera.

Between sneezes

Post sneeze attack: Embarrassed

What tickles your fancy?


Mandy said...

I lovvvve sneezing! :D

Tylaine said...

lol that is like the cutest sneeze face ever!!

Anonymous said...

I totally get sneezing A LOT! For me, it's allergies. I'm allergic to *everything*...grass, trees, tumbleweeds (who's allergic to tumbleweeds?!?!), my husband...the list goes on and on!

Whitney said...

I hate sneezing. Whenever I would sneeze in high school, people would stop what they were doing and look at me. They would give me strange looks, laugh, and be like...what was that?

However, David thinks my sneezing face and sneezes are cute.

Mrs. Ma'am said...

Oh my! I do the same exact thing. I sneeze like a gazillion times in a row, and Mr. Man says I sound like a mouse. He always picks on me. Sometimes I get sneeze fits where I need to sneeze so bad but it just doesn't come out, but I will get the before "A-a-a" but without the sound. Basically my body jumping hysterically to prepare for a sneeze, then 10 minutes later here comes about 100 sneezes :)


I accidentally sneezed in my husband's face the other day...he didn't appreciate it...oops.
cute sneeze face! seriously cute

Steph said...

Haha! I love your sneeze face!