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Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Here we are again. Le sigh. It's Monday and the weekly shenanigans are beginning again. Come feel better about yourself over at Not Me Monday. MckMama sure was wise when she created this. Its Fab.

Last Monday afternoon did not find me sorely tempted to follow a caravan of brand new hybrid, black, darkly tinted (I mean gangster dark), Tahoes. My first thought was certainly not that they were the Secret Service and I definitely didn't debate leaving Mr. Superman on base while I discreetly followed behind said caravan towards the opposite end of Georgia. That is something a very nosy, overly curious, watches too many crime shows, cat lady would do. Not me

This past Monday did not include a conversation with Mr. Superman, (a serious one at that), that ended in me exclaiming wonderingly, "You were the Queen of England?!"This was also not followed by an instance of a screaming bird in our backyard that made me jump and ask very seriously if Mr. Superman had just heard the pterodactyl too. That is something someone with way too much Jurassic Park imagination would do, not me.

I definitely didn't threaten Mr. Superman with a very painful death if he followed through with his, "Hey baby, look! I can make it into the toilet if I'm in the closet!" That is something a woman with a houseful of, under the age of 5, boys would do, not me.

Tuesday did not find me at the dinner table full of amazing tacos I had just made, with Mr. Superman blessing the food. He didn't pray over "his burritos" and "Chelle's tacos" and bless that I would find mine decent and compared to his. I definitely didn't burst into barely suppressed laughter. That is something an immature, badly self-controlled 11 year old would do, not me.

What did you not do?


The LT's Wifey said...

i def did NOT get a ticket from a barely legal MP for running a stop sign 5 minutes away from my house. I am a safe and alert driver.

Birdie said...

I did NOT almost spray OJ out of my nose hearing that someone is possibly as nosy and curious as I :)

*Jenn* said...

Ok im beginning to LOVE not me mondays! I might have to start up this tradition. Hahaha For some reason I found the praying over the burritos really funny! haha Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

I definitely did NOT do nothing yesterday and be a completely lazy bum with my roommate.

I totally did NOT drive to Madison, WI to visit a friend for one night and hit the bars.

And I did NOT (not) know that Bob Marley was dead and freaked out when I saw on someone's status R.I.P. Bob Marley and immediately looked it up on wikipedia and realized that he died in 1981... almost 30 years ago.

Go me, haha! =)

BryceandWhit said...

Isnt it the hardest not to laugh when someone says something "silly to you" during a prayer...Wow I have never done that before! "wink"

Kathryn said...

Haha this is cute! I love reading everyone's "not me Mondays!"

Stefanie said...

I LOVE your blog, and not me Mondays! However, just a note...I find it hard to read now that it's all stripey.

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE how it looks. It just makes my eyes hurt, so I don't read as often anymore.

Chelle said...

OMG I would NEVER get caught following cars just to follow them! Nor would I call my best friend and discuss the whereabouts of said vehicle in front of me.

How sad is it that on Saturday Dirt Diver made it from one yard to the other and loudly bragged to his buddy about his drunken aim!

On another note, I am so far behind on reading but took a minute to hunt you out on my Reader and almost had a mini meltdown when I couldn't find you. For reference, I'm an idiot and just can't read while staring out the window at the weird reclusive pregnant lady's house.

stacie-marie said...

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